Examining Slope Instability Dynamics on a Small Bank Slope Along the Schoharie Creek in New York State

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Vetta, Matthew
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University of Guelph

Examining the slope instability dynamics on a bank slope along the Schoharie Creek near Burtonsville, New York was the goal for this research. This research aimed to examine the frequency and magnitude rates for slope instability and assess how changes in moisture relate to the instability observed at the site. Slope instability was determined from both absolute ring width differences and reaction wood presence. This research also compared precipitation and discharge with slope instability frequency and magnitude. This work concluded that slope instability frequency across the slope has shifted from episodic to more continuous instability frequency from 1969 to present, while the magnitude values remained consistent. The shift towards more continuous instability frequency coincides with a change from low to high precipitation and discharge starting in 1969. This research added to the literature as it proposed an alternate method to examine slope instability at a continuous scale.

Geomorphology, Slope Dynamics, Slope Instability