Investigation of High-Lying (α, γ) Resonances in \(^{22}Ne\) through One-Neutron Transfer in Inverse Kinematics at TIGRESS

Greaves, Beau
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University of Guelph

Involved in the production of (^{19}F) and acting as a neutron source in the s-process in both asymptotic giant branch and massive stars, probing the properties of the resonance states for the (^{18}O)(α, γ)(^{22}Ne) reaction allows for a unique opportunity to limit the uncertainty in this reaction rate, as well as the resultant isotopic abundance for the fed and competing reactions. In November of 2018, a beam of (^{21}Ne) was delivered to a thin deuterated foil target to study the (^{21}Ne)(d,p)(^{22}Ne) reaction in ISAC II at TRIUMF. This was accomplished using the segmented germanium clover array, TIGRESS, alongside the segmented silicon array for measurement of recoil particles, SHARC. The measurement of these resonance states allowed for the determination of the spin of the 9.841 MeV resonance using the gamma-coincident proton angular distribution, the main source of reaction rate uncertainty present for the (^{18}O)(α, γ)(^{22}Ne) reaction below 0.1 GK.

Nuclear Physics, TIGRESS, TRIUMF, 22Ne, Nuclear Astrophysics, Gamma Spectroscopy, Transfer Reaction, Inverse Kinematics