Developing an understanding of and recommendations for promotion of the Ontario Environmental Farm Plan

Klupfel, Ellen Joanne
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University of Guelph

This thesis is an investigation of the level of interest of local agricultural organizations in the Ontario Environmental Farm Plan and how this interest is expressed through promotion activities. The methodology involved interviewing five leaders of local agricultural organizations to help develop a questionnaire which was sent to 370 leaders of local agricultural organizations. The results are based on 106 returned surveys. To ensure the accuracy of the results, 6 follow-up telephone interviews were conducted. The findings indicate that, in general leaders of local agricultural organizations are supportive of the EFP. Some of the key findings address issues of confidentiality, financing the cost of implementing management changes, personal communication as a promotion tool and education of the nonfarm community. Variations in the extent of organizational support and involvement in the program are also highlighted. The paper offers recommendations for increasing the uptake of the EFP program.

agricultural organizations, Ontario Environmental Farm Plan, promotion activities