O. A. C. Review Volume XLVIII Issue 7, April May 1936

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Ontario Agricultural College

The highlight of this issue would be the graduation editorial and examination results for the O. A. C. students. Agricultural articles pertain to the agricultural system in Russia, agricultural folklore, research into perennial wheat, the tropical fruit the tamarind, and the pedigree of the O. A. C.'s new stallion. Other articles comments on the Puslinch Game Sanctuary, windmills as a source of electric power, and the physiology of the human circulatory system. One student contributes a short story. Of interest is the history of the banner presented to the O. A. C. by Governor General Earl Grey. The literary section examines a couple of perspectives on examinations. The Macdonald Institute column comments on the Girl's Short Course and student humour. Alumni news announces summer reunions, provides alumni updates, and identifies men in a photograph from 1897. The College life column bids farewell to the students, provides the examination results, and lists the winners of scholarships, awards, and medals.

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