A comparison of the effectiveness of two models in measuring customer satisfaction in the tourism industry

Panton, Diane R.
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University of Guelph

This thesis is an investigation of the relative effectiveness of two models (the Performance Only and the Expectancy-Disconfirmation model) in determining the satisfaction of tourists attending the Winterlude Festival in Ottawa-Hull, Canada. The study was a replication of the work of Yuksel and Rimmington (1998). Each of 119 tourists completed a mailback survey inquiring about his/her satisfaction with five components of tourism (ambience, attractions, accommodations, food services and transportation). The results indicate that the Performance Only model is a more effective model for predicting tourists' overall satisfaction based on their intent to recommend or return to the Festival. In addition, the results showed that the ambience component of tourism had the greatest effect on overall satisfaction with the Festival. Plus, the elements which affect overall satisfaction with each of the components vary from component to component. Finally, the ambience component illustrated the greatest effect on tourists' stated behaviour intentions.

tourism industry, customer satisfaction, Performance Only model, Expectancy-Disconfirmation model, Winterlude Festival