Cerrado habitat establishment through open-pit mine reclamation in Paracatu, Brazil



Slingerland, Neeltje

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University of Guelph


The governments of first-world countries mandate the ongoing remediation of open-pit mines throughout the extraction process; however, this is rarely the case in developing countries. Mines are frequently located near impoverished urban development, suggesting that opportunities may exist for end-uses that improve the quality of life for these communities. A review of literature on open-pit mine reclamation and cerrado habitat establishment has lead to the formation of a set of guidelines for native habitat and improved ecosystem services. The guidelines were reviewed by specialists in mine reclamation and ecology, further clarifying their implications. A site visit, inventory, and analysis were finalized before the guiding principles were graphically implemented in a demonstration plan. The illustration of these guiding principles through design has demonstrated how cerrado can be successfully integrated into landscapes of temporary degradation.



Cerrado habitat establishment, open-pit mine reclamation, Paracatu, Brazil, guidelines, improved ecosystem services