Believe it or not?: The impact of source cue valence on the elaboration of congruent and incongruent brand information

MacLeod, Sharon Doreen
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University of Guelph

This thesis is an investigation of the effects of incongruent brand information and its source on brand information recall and brand evaluations. The source was varied on three levels: no source of the incongruent brand information, a trustworthy source and an untrustworthy source. Measures of information recall and brand evaluations were taken immediately and after a 7-day delay. Results showed that the highest brand evaluations both immediately and under delay were when no incongruent information was included in the message; however, brand evaluations declined significantly over time. In conditions where incongruent information was included, brand evaluations remained stable over time. The highest recall of congruent information in both immediate and delay measures was when there was no source of the incongruent information. As a result, the optimal combination of congruent information recall and brand evaluation was when incongruent brand information was included in the message but not associated with a source cue.

incongruen brand information, information recall, brand evaluations, trustworthy source, untrustworthy source