1991 Rural Beaches Program (RBP) for the Sixteen Mile Creek watershed

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Gale, David
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Queen's Printer for Ontario

The second year of the Halton Region Conservation Authority's (HRCA) Rural Beaches Program (RBP) expanded on the RBP study of the Sixteen Mile Creek watershed started in 1990. The primary objective of the 1991 study was to continue to identify the extent of bacterial pollution stemming from agricultural sources, rural residential and urban sources, as well as from natural inputs. This was achieved through water quality testing, field studies and land owner surveys. This report presents the results of the 1991 HRCA RBP. It identifies the pollution impact on Sixteen Mile Creek and the Kelso Reservoir beach area from various sources, and recommends cost-effective remedial measures to reduce bacterial pollution at the point of origin. The long term goal of the plan is to ensure the continued availability of Kelso as a natural swimming area without frequent beach closures. Ultimately, this report will serve as a guide to improve water quality in all of the HRCA's rural watersheds.

Rural Beaches Strategy (RBS) Program
Clean Up Rural Beaches (CURB) Program
watershed, rural beaches, water quality, agriculture, pollution, conservation practices, bacteria, nutrients, chemicals, sediment