O. A. C. Review Volume XXIV Issue 7, April 1912

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Ontario Agricultural College

O. A. C. professors wrote this issue's special articles on the co-operative movement, the science of living, and agricultural education at the Ontario Agricultural College. Agricultural articles pertain to raising pheasants, profitable feeding of cattle, propagating fruit stock, planting early potatoes, propagating grapes and berries, and the field crop competition sponsored by the Department of Agriculture. Campus news reports on the oratorical concert, the fire in the biology building, and athletics endeavors, such as the athletic concert and the sports results. The Macdonald column articles address appreciation for the arrival of spring, the Y. W. C. A. service, and the Union Literary Society meeting. The Schools' and Teachers' Department continues a lesson plan for a course in woodworking. Alumni news includes biographies of two brothers - Pelayo Diaz and Gonzalo Diaz.

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