An exploration of sport facilities as a model of positive urban design in mid-sized Ontario cities

Jagoda, Les
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University of Guelph

There has been extensive development of sports facilities across North America, particularly arenas and stadia in downtown areas. In Ontario, this has manifested itself into numerous built or proposed facilities from 1995 to 2007. In developing these facilities, termed Multi-Use Sports and Entertainment Facilities (MUSEF), local municipalities have focused on two primary objectives: (1) financial feasibility as a municipally-owned project, and (2) working arrangement, financial and operational, with a private sector proponent. There appears to be few studies that analyze sports tourism and urban design as a foundation for urban planning and landscape architecture decision-making of these facilities. Development of literature surrounding this phenomenon has been slow to respond and may be described as sporadic. This study evaluates the planning and design of developing multi-use sports/entertainment facilities by providing a framework of critical success factors that should be planned in order to achieve a successful Multi-Use Sports and Entertainment Facility.

sports facilities, North America, Multi-Use Sports and Entertainment Facilities, sports tourism, urban design, urban planning, landscape architecture