Modeling of the BIOSCRUBTM process for the control of gaseous pollutants

Welch, Chris
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University of Guelph

Interest in biological gas cleaning (BGC) technology has increased over the last few decades as industry is forced to investigate means of reducing or eliminating air emissions of volatile organic compounds. BGC is of interest as it is environmentally friendly and cost effective in comparison to many other control technologies. The BIOSCRUB process works on the same principles as other BGC technologies but this work is the first known attempt to model the process. The model has been developed using mass balance equations from similar bioscrubber models along with a trough water mass balance developed to completely define the substrate balance within the system. The model incorporates other emphirical models developed for fixed biofilms that assist in simplifying the solution process. This model can be used to study the effects of the various parameters that are expected to have a significant impact on the performance of the BIOSCRUB system.

biological gas cleaning technology, BIOSCRUB system, model, mass balance equations, trough water mass balance, substrate balance