O. A. C. Review Volume XIII Issue 2, November 1901

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Ontario Agricultural College

Agricultural articles in this issue pertain to the need for impurity-free grain seed, observations on Maritime agriculture, and the need for co-operation in the production of quality breeding stock. There are preparations and programmes published for the annual Ontario Agricultural and Experimental Union meeting and the Provincial Winter Fair held in Guelph. Student athletes have been successful in the sports of football and cross-country running. An obituary is provided for Walter Edward Hart Massey. Campus news reports on the selection of men for the international livestock judging team, improvement to the poultry facilities, and the fines levied against students for leaving their lights burning and untended. Comments on the provision of nature study and manual training in public schools are also contained in this issue. Of interest is a student's interest in creating photographic lanternslides. The Personals column contains alumni news. While the Locals column provides campus humour.

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