Effects of Marketing Techniques on the Acceptance of Imperfect Apples

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Holtz, Jenna
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University of Guelph

Food waste stemming from strict cosmetic standards leads to a potential market for imperfect produce that is under researched. To gain a better understanding of consumer preferences towards imperfect produce, we conducted a study on the effectiveness of marketing techniques on the likelihood of purchasing imperfect apples. Using a mock grocery store and eye-tracking technology, 187 participants chose between perfect bagged apples, imperfect bagged apples, perfect loose apples, and imperfect loose apples. We used a binary logit, multinomial logit, and marginal effects at the means to analyze our data. Our research found imperfect apples more likely to be purchased in bags rather than individually at a rate of 5 to 1. The results on our labeling techniques of the imperfect apples showed the effectiveness of a name label that positively emphasizes the natural and safe quality of imperfect apples.

Apples, Eye tracking, Ugly Fruit, Ugly Produce, Imperfect Produce, Ugly Apples