High Potential Identification experimentation: Manipulating High Potential Identification to uncover the influence on leadership behaviours and outcomes

Sorenson, Jessica
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University of Guelph

This thesis is an investigation of high potential identification, a practice which often identifies potential managers as part of a large succession management program in organizations. Once identified these leaders receive additional training and development and are expected to become future leaders in the organization, which prompts examination of the impact of being identified as high potential on the leaders themselves. Current research has predominantly examined the impact of high potential identification on the attitudes of identified and not identified employees. The current study seeks to understand whether, after being identified, high potential leaders are more confident, more positive and therefore considered to be better leaders. With this in mind high potential identification was manipulated in an experimental setting with student led peer instructional dyads. The impact of this information on leadership coaching behaviours and performance was assessed as mediated by leadership self-efficacy and affect. The implications for research and practice in high potential identification are discussed.

High potential identification, Potential managers, Leadership coaching behaviours, Self-efficacy, Future leaders