Trust in Distributed Computing

Stark, James
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University of Guelph

The rise of mobile and cloud computing has brought with it greater incentives to utilize remote services. It is therefore important to ensure that these remote services are trustworthy. That is to say, do they provide the promised services without taking any actions that would betray the user? In order to take full advantage of these remote new services, a computer would need to be able to automatically determine if a service is trustworthy. This thesis presents a computational model for trust along with a discussion of the process of building the model and how it is used to evaluate the trustworthiness of a remote service. A general model of trust, intended to be broadly applicable to trust in distributed computing, is presented by this work. The ability of the model to handle real-world situations is illustrated through a set of scenarios derived from the computer science literature.

Trust, Distributed Computing, Trust Model, Grid Computing, Cloud Computing, Ubiquitous Computing, Mobile Agents, Multi-Agent Systems, Computational Trust, Trusted Computing, Trustworthy Computing