The Impact and Potential Roles of Community Food Centres on Local Food Distribution in the Southwestern Ontario Context

Armitage, Thomas William
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University of Guelph

Community Food Centres (CFC) are a novel approach to connecting consumers to local food. This thesis sought to identify the ways in which a CFC creates new markets for farmers. Using a case study approach, interviews and surveys were conducted to determine whether farmers and consumers perceived their ability to access local food markets increased as a result of a CFC’s presence in their community. The data collected were also used to quantitatively assess a CFCs impact on farmer income. Finally, an assessment of what farmers and consumers would do in the absence of a CFC was completed. Using results from these three sections a determination was made for each of the case studies individually. A thorough reflection on where the supporting organization, Community Food Centres Canada, fits within the larger political climate was also conducted to identify areas of improving what they can offer local, ecological farms.

Community Food Centres Canada, neoliberalism, ecological farms, local food, food hubs, farmers' markets