Conceptualization of Femicide in Ontario

Bush, Katie
Haynes-Hyland, Katie
Hotchkiss, Lauren
Ludwig, Ashley
Pikelin, Robyn
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The following report is a collaborative Community Engagement Learning (CEL) project with the University of Guelph and the Ontario Association of Transition Houses (OAITH). University of Guelph students in the Advanced Topics in Criminology fourthyear seminar course, which focuses on women involved in the criminal justice system, collaborated with OAITH to from this partnership. Our project was two-fold: a) Investigation of women who were murdered in Ontario in 2013—not only names but details about their lives—i.e. age, occupation, interests, etc. *refer to appendix I. for the femicide list 2013. b) The creation of a literature review to provide OAITH with reliable and relevant information regarding various topics surrounding the systemic issue that is femicide, with emphasis on intimate partner relationships. We hope that the literature review provided in this report will shed some light on different methodologies that can be employed in the identification and quantification of murdered women in a given area.

Community Engagement Learning Project: University of Guelph and Ontario Association of Interval and Transition Houses (OAITH)