Exploration of Bean Consumption in Older Adults in Relation to Health Claims and Information Sources

Farrell, Emily
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University of Guelph

Bean consumption, while low among North Americans, can reduce chronic disease risk and improve diet quality. Health claims and other information sources may increase bean consumption among older adults, a population poised to benefit. The study purpose was to explore bean consumption in relation to health claims and other information sources among community-dwelling older adults (≥65 years). A mixed-methods approach was used including a validated researcher-administered questionnaire (n=250; 76.0% female) followed by 10 semi-structured focus groups (n=46; 76.1% female). All health claims were most frequently indicated to increase likelihood of bean consumption (46.8%), including a potential therapeutic claim (70.0%). Participants (72.0%) indicated they would like more nutritional information about beans, with food labels (54.8%) being the most common preferred source. This research will inform regulatory and food industry scientists on consumer reaction to bean health claims and information sources to help facilitate strategy development to contribute to healthy aging.

beans, focus groups, health claims, information sources, mixed methods, older adults