Exploring sexuality in fetal alcohol spectrum disorder: Two reviews of the literature

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Moss, Sarah
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University of Guelph

Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) is a prevalent neurodevelopmental disorder caused by prenatal alcohol exposure that impacts cognitive, affective, and behavioural functioning. Some individuals with FASD experience challenges with aspects of sexuality, but the extant literature on this topic is limited. The goal of this thesis was to explore sexuality in FASD to establish a current understanding of the topic via two literature reviews. The first manuscript (Chapter 2) presents a topical review and the second manuscript (Chapter 3) presents a scoping review. Taken together, this thesis can inform necessary research and important areas of development needed to better support people with FASD in achieving healthy sexual development. The findings of both reviews highlight the need for a more balanced and holistic conceptualization and measurement of the various aspects of sexuality experienced by people with FASD. Future research should strive to involve individuals with FASD – both as participants and collaborators.

Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, Sexuality, Sexual development, Neurodevelopmental disorder