Effect of starch-polyphenol interactions on starch hydrolysis

Guzar, Igor
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University of Guelph

Phenolic compounds have attracted much attention due to numerous health benefits, including high antioxidant properties, reduced risk of cancer, and inhibition of digestive enzymes. Recent research has suggested that different phenolic compounds may interact with starch. The first objective was to investigate the effect of green or black tea extracts on hydrolysis of wheat, rice, corn, and potato starches. Cooking starches in the presence of either tea reduced their hydrolysis. Potato starch cooked with black tea was the most effective treatment. Observations suggested that hydrolysis may be affected by interactions and by impact on specific enzymes based on starch structure. The second objective was to determine if similar effect could be observed in product system. Addition of green tea extract to sponge cake significantly reduced in vitro starch digestibility, thus could reduce the expected glycemic index. In addition, significant increases in dietary fibre, resistant starch, and antioxidant properties were observed.

starch, green tea extract, black tea extract, phenolic compounds, hydrolysis, digestibility, mechanism, sponge cake, starch digestibility, expected glycemic index, bioactive components