Design of modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) systems: Modeling oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange within packages containing cut rutabagas

Zhu, Min Daniel
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University of Guelph

An unsteady-state method was proposed for determining the O2 consumption and CO2 production rates as functions of O2 and CO2 partial pressures by mathematical analysis of O2 depletion and CO2 evolution by uncut and cut rutabagas in a closed system. The concept of degree of cutting was introduced to quantitatively analyze the effect of cutting injury on the respiration rate of cut rutabagas. A mathematical model was developed to describe the relationship between the respiration rate, O2 and CO2 partial pressures, and the degree of cutting, which can be used to estimate the respiration rate for any cut size of rutabagas. A mathematical model was developed to predict changes in the gaseous environment (O2 and CO2 partial pressures) of cut rutabagas in packages fitted with polymeric film. The predictive model can be used to select the appropriate film and optimize packaging parameters to achieve the desired steady-state O2 and CO2 composition for modified atmosphere packages containing cut rutabagas.

unsteady-state method, O2 consumption rate, CO2 production rate, partial pressure, mathematical analysis, O2 depletion, CO2 evolution, uncut, cut, rutabagas