Development and Validation of the Perceived Victimization Measure

Sasso, Thomas
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University of Guelph

The purpose of this study was to develop a measure to understand victimization in the workplace, defined as the degree to which individuals perceive themselves as being hurt by an aggressive act that was deemed to be intentional. The definition is based on a review of the workplace aggression literature. The study followed a multi-phase procedure to develop this measure. Items were developed using a deductive process based on the construct definition. Subject matter experts reviewed the developed 30 items to assess content validity. Two independent samples were used to reduce the measure to the most appropriate and representative items to reflect the construct of perceived victimization. The construct validity of the final eight-item perceived victimization measure was examined against a theoretical nomological network. Findings suggest reliability and preliminary validity evidence for the perceived victimization measure, which may be used in research and applied settings.

Victimization, Workplace, Perceived victimization, Aggression, Victim identity, Perceptions of harm