Collection Update No. 12

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University of Guelph Library

Collection Update is published by the University of Guelph Library to inform the university community, other libraries and the interested public, of the resources of the library, notably its special collections. This issue is published in celebration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the University of Guelph. The articles chosen are particularly appropriate to the occasion. The lead article by G. Pal outlines the major events in the library's history and the problems facing the library today. L. Day examines the oldest item in the collection and M. Woodside describes a very unusual piece of early Canadian music. Other articles describe the unique and varied sources which make this library such a rich resource for scholars. We are also at this time publishing an index to all twelve issues of Collection Update.

collection holdings, University of Guelph Library, Archival and Special Collections, archives, special collections, notable works, unusual works, horticulture, charters, Sleeman