Aqueous protein based extraction of oat beta glucan and its physiological effects on satiety and glycaemic responses in healthy adults

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Katongole, Joseph
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University of Guelph

β-D-Glucan has been proposed to suppress appetite related perceptions thus contribute favourably to the regulation of energy intake and the increasing obesity problem in North America. Due to its low concentrations in grains, the challenge has been to produce β-glucan concentrates that can be incorporated into foods without adversely affecting product attributes. Therefore in the first part of the study, a protocol for the concentration of β-glucan, based on protein-polysaccharide incompatibility, was investigated. The extract obtained was utilized in the second part, where the effect of beverages with increased β-glucan content on perceived satiety and blood glucose, at different fibre concentrations was studied. Twenty nine healthy adults participated in this study. 5 beverage pre-loads, containing between 0-2.5 g of β-glucan in 500 mL of the sample, were ingested 120 min before the given meal. Results showed a trend towards a decrease in appetite scores with increasing β-glucan content of the beverages, as well as differences in the blood glucose readings, though these were not significant, and could not solely be attributed to β-glucan content due to differences in beverage composition.

beta glucan, extraction, satiety, glyceamic responses