Investigating the Influence of Product Label and Product Healthiness on Food Nutrition Perception

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Yaghoobi, Roya
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University of Guelph

The overall objective of this study was to investigate whether positive or negative nutrition attributes are more determinative to consumer choice of food products. Specifically, this thesis investigated the influence of all-natural and GMO labels on the relative importance of nutrition attributes, and whether the impact of different labels on the relative importance of nutrition attributes depends on the healthiness perception of the food product. The results indicated that GMO and all-natural labels do not influence consumers’ nutrition attribute preferences when the product is perceived as healthy. On the other hand, all-natural label can bring down the importance of negative nutrition attributes and GMO label would not influence nutrition attribute preference when the product is perceived as unhealthy. These findings provide important insights for food manufacturers to identify key nutritional attributes that influence the choice of food products with GMO and all-natural labels.

product label, product healthiness, food nutrition perception