"Cancer is a family diagnosis and it just hits everybody in a different way": The Non-shared Experiences of the Siblings of Pediatric Cancer Patients

Calvert, Laura
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University of Guelph

This thesis is an investigation of the non-shared experiences of two siblings from the same family when a third child is diagnosed with pediatric cancer. Three dyads consisting of two siblings of a third child who survived or died from cancer at least a year ago were recruited. Semi-structured retrospective interviews were completed and participants were asked to reflect on their past experiences as the sibling of a child with cancer, as well the present and future impacts of being the sibling of a child who survived or died from cancer. The interviews were analysed using phenomenology. Siblings from the same family were found to have more differences than similarities in their experiences. Differences between siblings were explained by differing ordinal positions and relationships as well as the survival status of the child with cancer. When providing care and services for the siblings of children with cancer, two siblings from the same family may have different program and support requirements.

Pediatric cancer, Siblings, Death, Support requirements, Relationships