O. A. C. Review Volume XXV Issue 4, January 1913

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Ontario Agricultural College

This issue begins with a welcome to the 1913 Short Course students. Agricultural articles pertain to Canadian sheep production, commercial fertilizer experiments in Norfolk County, features at the International Stock Show in Chicago, and utilizing dairy records to improve a dairy herd. Horticultural articles outline pruning methods for apple trees, and growing rhubarb in early spring. Poultry articles address practical education in the public schools to increase the quality of poultry production in Ontario, and poultry husbandry at the O. A. C. Printed in this issue are two short stories, one by an alumnus, and the other by Mark Twain. Campus news reports on the preparations for the Conversazione, the attempt of the Cosmopolitan Club to attract Canadian students, the production of the Philharmonic concert, the results of the stock judging competition, and the election results of the college societies. Athletic department articles feature the sport results, fencing as a sport, boxing as an art of self-defence, and the new design of college emblems. The Macdonald column highlights the success of the women's basketball competition, the Short Course party, and the preparations for the Conversazione. Alumni news is located in the Alumni column.

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