Pronounced/ Workable

dc.contributor.advisorNyguen, Hoa
dc.contributor.authorde Taeye, Candace of English and Theatre Studiesen_US of Guelphen of Fine Artsen_US Writingen_US
dc.description.abstract‘Pronounced/Workable’ is a manuscript of paramedic themed poetry that is bound tightly to the people and environments of Toronto. The form and style of poems varies considerably from short and experimental, hybridized with found text, hermit crab, lists, a contemporary crown of sonnets and a couple long poems. Many are drawn from pre-hospital care medical protocols and legislative acts as well as colloquial quotes of patients, graffiti, signage and other source texts. I hope to mimic the fast-paced collage and varied tonality that a 12-hour Paramedic shift in city produces. The tone oscillates between wry and clinical but is always generated from personal lived experience. Food, opportunistic creatures, motherhood, tragedy and apathy are recurring motifs. Some poems reflect on the medicalization of my own female body- through the use of some of personal medical reports as sources texts.en_US
dc.identifier.citationde Taeye, Candace. The Ambulance Act. 1st ed., Frog Hollow Press, 2020, pp. 5-25.
dc.publisherUniversity of Guelphen
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dc.subjectFirst Responderen_US
dc.titlePronounced/ Workableen_US