O. A. C. Review Volume XLV Issue 3, December 1932

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Ontario Agricultural College

This Christmas issue contains three student's travel diaries for their adventures in Capetown, South Africa, traveling by train across Canada, and hitchhiking across the Maritimes. Continued in this issue is a profile of College President and alumnus Dr. Alfred Atkinson. Percy French is honoured as a Master Farmer of 1932. An obituary is provided for Justus Miller. The Departmental Notes column contains updates on the activities and research of the departments of English, biology, and horticulture. The focus of college life is preparation for the Conversat. The athletics column summarizes the successes of the athletic teams. The Alumni column records an update for the work of John Kenneth Galbraith and alumni updates. While the Macdonald Institute column contains a humour rendition of the "The Night Before Christmas" set in Macdonald Hall.

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