Look Mom, No Hands

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University of Guelph

'Look Mom, No Hands' is a collection of connected personal essays about disability and young adulthood. Most popular narratives about disability are one-dimensional, focusing solely on hardship and grief. While these are real issues, it’s also true that you can live a full—even funny—life in a disabled body. In this spirit, the essays in this collection explore both the difficulty and the humour of developing chronic and life-altering pain in my twenties. Each essay looks at a different aspect of my life touched by chronic pain: how I learned to write when I couldn’t type; to cook when I couldn’t chop; to assemble IKEA furniture when I couldn’t twist an allen key. Though the manuscript does touch on the difficulties of dealing with the medical system and casual ableism, it also relishes in the messiness of being a young woman figuring out how to get by.