O. A. C. Review Volume XXVI Issue 2, November 1913

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Ontario Agricultural College

This is a thematic issue regarding the employment opportunities available to the O. A. C. graduate. Three articles suggest careers, such as, becoming a District Representative for the Ontario Department of Agriculture, journalism, or working for the Ontario Civil Service. One student's article recounts his experience as a District Representative's Assistant. Agricultural articles pertain to the fall management of honeybees, winter housing for poultry, farming in Northwestern Ontario, purchasing alfalfa seed co-operatively, and improving Ontario fruit trade by shipping wrapped apples. The short story printed in this issue is The Battle in the Drowned Land by R. G. Paige. The athletic article is regarding the American baseball series. Campus news contains advice for success as a student at the O. A. C. The Macdonald column includes updates from alumnae, advice for the new student, and a perspective on women and the vote. Alumni news profiles four men in the Dominion Civil Service.

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