Exploring the impact of COVID-19 on adult day programs in Guelph from the care partner perspective

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University of Guelph

This study explored the perspectives of care partners on the impact of the pandemic for whom they are caring for using Adult Day Programs (ADPs) in the Guelph region in Ontario. The research goal was to better understand the experiences of care partners using ADPs and lessons learned for future program planning in the context of the pandemic. Thirty care partners completed a survey that was distributed online and paper. A survey research method was used in which closed-ended questions were analyzed using descriptive statistics and open-ended questions were analyzed using content analysis. Findings showed that care partners benefitted from personal time, personal support navigating caregiving challenges, and reduced feelings of worry through sustained connection and ongoing staff communication via ADPs. Lessons learned included considering accessibility, that virtual programming does not work for everyone, and the importance of increasing the number of days available and extending the hours of ADPs.

adult day program, care partner perspective, covid-19, ADPs, Guelph