A program to assess and monitor soil quality in Canada - Soil quality evaluation program summary

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Agriculture Canada

The Soil Quality Evaluation Program was initiated in 1989 in response to a requirement of the National Soil Conservation Program (NSCP) to monitor soil and associated environmental quality for the agricultural regions of Canada. A ten-year program was established within the Research Branch of Agriculture Canada to develop capabilities and to assess the status of soil quality in Canada. The focus has been on systems development and data collection, however, these various capabilities are currently being used to analyze and report on soil quality in Canada. This report identifies the requirements and provides a framework for soil quality evaluation. It summarizes the development of improved capabilities for assessing soil quality and for analyzing the impact of soil degradation on soil quality and crop productivity. It also provides some insights into the status of soil quality in Canada that have been forthcoming as part of the system developments.

National Soil Conservation Program (NSCP)
soil quality, assessment, monitoring