Performance of fertility programs on creeping bentgrass fairway turf

Porter, A.J.
Jordan, K.S.
Lyons, E.M.
Carey, K.
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Guelph Turfgrass Institute

This study was conducted to determine the effectiveness of the sponsored fertilizer in reducing dollar spot disease, as well as its general effects on the growth of creeping bentgrass in putting green turf. Three treatment fertilizers were tested and compared to a control group. Dollar spot disease was seen in all the treatments after the first 2 weeks of treatment; with the least amount of dollar spots in the TruePrill treatment plots. The average NDVI values through the trial were as follows: TruPrill> microprilled urea > Clubgreen > untreated control. The results concluded that the TruPrill and microprill urea treatments performed significantly better in turf colour, canopy reflectance, and quality than the Clubgreen treatment and control. The overall effectiveness of the treatments was determined to be as followed: TruPrill> microprill urea > Clubgreen > untreated control.

NDVI, Guelph Turfgrass Institute, 2008, creeping bentgrass, putting green, granular Tru-prill, Clubgreen, microprill urea, Annual reports, dollar spot disease, fertilizer
Carey, K.; Porter, A. J.; Jordan, K. S.; Lyons, E. M. 2008. Performance of fertility programs on creeping bentgrass fairway turf