O. A. C. Review Volume XLIX Issue 6, March 1937

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Ontario Agricultural College

The highlight of this issue is the thirteenth annual College Royal, including photographs and listings of the prizewinners. Agricultural articles pertain to agricultural co-operatives in Scandinavia, how hydroponics provides greater crop yields, and experiments in vernalization. A student provides a travel diary of his life in a lumber camp in Kapuskasing. Horticultural articles address a new improved design for greenhouses. Of interest is an article regarding how yogurt staves off "auto-intoxication". The literary section articles includes an International Relations Club address about Germany, the theatre production of "Arms and the Man", and the outcome of the public speaking contest. The Macdonald Institute column provides some college humour and the women's basketball results. Campus news contains a humorous article on preparing a pig for College Royal, the popularity of swing music, a summary of the College Royal, and the creation of Canadian Cottage in London, England. The athletic column provides the results of various teams. The Alumni column contains alumni updates and an update on the Class of 1912 Reunion. The Macdonald Alumnae column reports on the discontinuation of the Institutional Management Course and alumnae updates.

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