An Exploratory Study of Designing an Evidence-Based Dementia-Friendly Outdoor Environment for an Aging Residential Community in Beijing, China

Zhuge, Xuejin
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University of Guelph

This study aimed to understand how people living with dementia interact within an aging community in China and recognize that a dementia-friendly community could promote healthy aging and contribute to social health. The study focused on a senior with dementia's daily activity spaces and networks in the Fangzhuang community in Beijing, employed a mix of qualitative approaches that included procedures for collecting observations of participant’s behaviors and testing his spatial cognitive capabilities. This study contributes to creating comprehensive design guidelines and aids in piloting community-based interventions when building a dementia-friendly community. The research demonstrates problematic situations, including unpredictable level changes and obstacles, monolithic layouts, and missing environmental cues. That people with dementia experienced when doing activities. The research concludes by providing corresponding design solutions and a checklist for building a dementia-friendly community in Beijing, China.

Dementia-friendly, Beijing, China, Seniors with dementia, Community Environment, Urban Design Improvement, Inclusive Design