Agroforestry research and development - 1990-1991 Annual Report

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Gordon, Andrew M.
Williams, Peter A.
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Queen's Printer for Ontario

This report covers the 1990-1991 fiscal year and is the final report for the Agroforestry Research and Development contract funded through the Land Stewardship (I) Program. During the past year data was gathered from the intercropping project on Victoria Road, four intercropped plantations on private land, the Washington Creek and Grand Valley riparian sites, a small riparian planting near Alma, and a number of projects concerned with the rehabilitation of marginal lands. Two intercropped plantations on private land were removed and one added during 1990/1991. Four projects have been completed: 1) soil/site factors affecting the growth of white pine and Norway spruce in southern Ontario, 2) the relationship of optical porosity to windbreak effectiveness, 3) the effects of corn row orientation and width on the growth of interplanted black walnut and red oak seedlings, and 4) the impacts of cattle grazing on the reforestation of marginal pastures.

Land Stewardship Program (LSP)
agroforestry, intercropping, rehabilitation, interplanting, windbreak