The Prone Position Bicycle

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Abbas, Sairah
Jermyn, Denver
Tosine, Anneliis
Vena, Daniel
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University of Guelph

In this paper we present a new design for a prone position triathlon bicycle frame that is light weight, ergonomically efficient, and requires minimal use of muscles that are used in swimming and running. The main idea is to place the cyclist in an aerodynamic position that is comfortable, supported by the human skeleton, and efficient. The design consists of an aero bar style handlebar, an adjustable noseless seat, crank, chainless drive and gearing system and skeletal support from a hip sling, and armrests

Created in fulfillment of the course requirements for ENGG*3100 Engineering and Design III. This course combines the knowledge gained in the advanced engineering and basic science courses with the design skills taught in ENGG*1100 and ENGG*2100 in solving open-ended problems. These problems are related to the student's major. Additional design tools are presented, including model simulation, sensitivity analysis, linear programming, knowledge-based systems and computer programming. Complementing these tools are discussions on writing and public speaking techniques, codes, safety issues, environmental assessment and professional management. These topics are taught with the consideration of available resources and cost.
bicycles, ergonomics