A report of observations of the nature and control of excessive growth of Cladophora sp. in Lake Ontario and Lake Erie

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Neill, John H.
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Ontario Ministry of the Environment

Excessive growths of Cladophora have long been recognized as a problem in both Lake Erie and Lake Ontario and concern has frequently been expressed by municipal officials and property owners alike. As most of the previous work had been done in Lake Ontario, it was decided that in 1962 greater emphasis would be placed on studies in Lake Erie. It was also hoped that generally warmer water and perhaps a more dependable algae crop would facilitate the field testing of algicidal chemicals. More information was also desirable on the extent of shoreline affected by this problem and some detailed surveys were needed into the specific lake conditions which promoted Cladophora growth.

Ontario Ministry of the Environment
Biological Surveys/Investigations Reports
cladophora, algae, cladophora growth, algicidal chemicals, hydrothol, aqualin, Hyamine 2389, Ozene, mechanical beach cleaning, deodorants