Surveillance of storm drainage and effluent discharge from federal properties to the Rideau River, National Capital Area

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Killoran, L. B.
DeBellefeuille, M.
Tennant, A. D.
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Environment Canada

This report presents and discusses analytical data for water and effluent samples collected in 1974 from storm drainage outfalls and a waste treatment system which discharge from federal property in the National Capital Area to the Rideau River, an important recreational stream. The need for remedial pollution abatement action was demonstrated with respect to a number of small storm drainage systems in the Confederation Heights, RCMP Headquarters, and Bogue Building areas. Further data were presented on the adverse effects of rainfall-induced runoff on bacterial quality in Black Rapids and Uplands Creeks. The data, however, show conclusively that the outfalls from Black Rapids Creek and the CFB Ottawa (South) - Ottawa (Uplands) Airport complex have no significant deleterious effect on the excellent bacterial water quality of the Rideau River.

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water samples, effluent samples, storm drainage, waste treatment system, discharge, pollution, remediation, water quality, bacteria