Women and Climate Change in Ladakh: Knowledge, Impacts, and Challenges

Augsten, Leanna
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University of Guelph

The Himalayas are among the most threatened regions of the world to climate change. Women in the Himalayas are particularly vulnerable to environmental changes due to their various farm work responsibilities. This scoping literature review draws on anthropological and climate-based research to explore how the effects of climate change in Ladakh (situated in the Indian Himalayas) pose challenges for women farmers. Through utilizing a feminist political ecology theoretical framework, this paper reflects on the interlinking impacts of gendered power relations and environmental issues that encompass the everyday lives of Ladakhi women. This is unpacked in order to illuminate the non-homogeneity of the lived experiences of climate change that diverge along gendered, class, caste, and socioeconomic lines.

Gender, Feminist Anthropology, Feminist Political Ecology, Gender and Climate Change, Climate Change, Human-Environmental Relationships, Gendered Division of Labour, Gendered Environmental Knowledge, Gendered Knowledge, Gendered Work, India, India Himalaya, Agriculture, Himalaya