Accretion Disk Contributions to the Diffuse Neutrino Background

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Schilbach, Tyson
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University of Guelph

Predictions for AD neutrino detection at Super Kamiokande and Hyper Kamiokande are made. Concepts related to the diffuse neutrino background for accretion disks are introduced. The diffuse neutrino spectra, flux, differential detection rates, and annual event rates are derived. Three scenarios appear: NS-NS mergers, BH-NS mergers, and collapsars. Merger rates are from simulations by Dominik et al., covering a range of galactic evolution scenarios. Collapsar rates are from Yuksel et al. via Swift's gamma ray burst data. The steady Chen and Beloborodov and the dynamic Just et al. disk models are implemented. Thermodynamics, relativity, and BH spin are considered. Predicted event rates at both detectors are presented. Collapsar accretion disks are larger relative to supernovae, while merger scenarios are smaller. The three disks are comparable to supernovae at higher MeV. Detection of accretion disk neutrinos is feasible. Future models must be refined based upon pending detection results.

Physics, Nuclear, Astrophysics, Neutrino, Diffuse Background, Accretion Disk