O. A. C. Review Volume XXXVIII Issue 12, August 1926

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Ontario Agricultural College

Agricultural articles in this issue pertain to soil microbiology for agriculture, the fruit industry in British Columbia, and the use of scorecards to judge the quality of milk. Horticultural articles address the award-winning rose from the Experimental Farm at Ottawa, the progress of rose cultivation in Canada, and plant registration regulations. Other articles focus on the improvements of farm machinery, and the Migratory Birds Convention Act. The Alumni column provides an update of alumni activities. The Macdonald Institute column includes a travel diary of a student's experience on the Trail of the '98 (Chilkoot Trail) and alumnae updates.

OAC Review, College news, editorial, agriculture, soil microbiology, fruit, British Columbia, farm machinery, short story, Agnes Rose, award winning, milk industry, sanitation, sanitary inspection, score card, rose cultivation, Migratory Birds Convention Act, rural education, American, plant registration, Trail of the '98, Chilkoot Trail, marriage announcements, apiculture, bee breeding, Macdonald Institute, alumnae, local news, personals, alumni, Guelph, advertising