Landscape, poetic and sublime: the landscape architects's personal experience of landscape as a form of knowledge

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Irving, Daniel
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University of Guelph

Although designers utilize personal experience in their work, there is little if any formal recognition that personal experience can be shared among designers to improve the processes and outcomes of design. Landscape Architects contribute their idiosyncratic expression within a diverse professional field, yet share an interest in, and attention to the underlying processes of landscape. This landscape-centred awareness is explored as it could facilitate the educational and practical development of a coordinated body of experience in landscape architecture. Such experience already has considerable influence on personal and professional growth, and to ignore such vital aspects of design, would neglect a necessary and significant part of the design process. This thesis reviews and discusses the literature, as it relates to experience, and underscores a need to include what has historically been a hidden body of experience in education and practice.

personal experience, designers, landscape-centred awareness, landscape architecture