The biases of globalization discourse: a comparative study of the Mail & Guardian, The New York Times and The Toronto Star, in 1996 and in 2000/2001

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Casals, Ruth
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University of Guelph

The central tenet of this research was to develop an understanding of the globalization discourse as a vehicle to establish and maintain hegemonic power. Specifically, this study was aimed to analyze and compare the manufactured biases of such discourse through content analysis of newspaper articles--from the 'Mail & Guardian' from South Africa, the 'New York Times' from the United States, and the 'Toronto Star' from Canada. The research is based in the thesis that hegemonic ideology has been built by the corporate elite and is maintained and reinforced through news media by propaganda. The findings have, in fact, highlighted globalization as an all-pervasive discourse that responds to the existence of a concrete historical trend that would not be possible without it. Moreover, this study has presented us with a hegemonic globalization discourse that is masculine, institutionalized, Americanized and to which we have been told that 'there is no alternative'.

Mail & Guardian, New York Times, Toronto Star, Biases, Globaliization