Conceptual Browser: a concept-based knowledge extraction technique

Emami, Leila
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University of Guelph

Conceptual Graphs have been used to model knowledge representations since their introduction by John Sowa in the early 80's. However, it is only recently that they have come to be considered for use within Knowledge Base Systems (KBS). Conceptual Browser explores the use of Conceptual Graphs to the model relations" to be used for knowledge base retrieval. This is achieved through the use of a query facility. A query facility in turn provides a translation of a query into a corresponding Conceptual Graph, which is then matched against a set of Conceptual Graphs to find the best fit. The system then utilizes the knowledge base thus created to illustrate the information, in the form of an ontology "about" the user's requested query, which is the main purpose of the Conceptual Browser. A knowledge base with the information about dogs is considered. The available text is restructured, using Conceptual Graph Linear Format (LF). A user query is converted accurately to concepts and concepts relation forms using conceptual graphs. A graph matching system using theories in Conceptual Graphs relate the query to the matching knowledge base. The retrieved information algorithm in Conceptual Browser. This thesis indicates that this information the human knowledge retrieval system.

Conceptual Graphs, model, knowledge representations, Knowledge Base Systems, Conceptual Browser, knowledge base retrieval, query facility, Conceptual Graph Linear Format