Residents' assessment of an outside water conservation program: the case of Guelph, Ontario

Atwood, Christine Alison
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University of Guelph

Many municipalities have implemented demand management programs in order to reduce residential water use, the largest user of municipal water. These programs aim to reduce water demand by increasing the efficiency of water use through socio-political, economic, and structural and operational techniques. This thesis investigates one such program, the Outside Water Use Program, a recent water conservation initiative by the City of Guelph. This Program is assessed in terms of its effectiveness, the extent of household satisfaction with the Program is determined, and the role of knowledge, attitudes and other factors are assessed. Based on the responses of 211 household surveys, there was broad support for, and satisfaction with, the Program. However, there was uncertainty as to how effective the Program had been and how effectively the Program had been enforced. Factors that influenced respondents' satisfaction with the Program included their neighbourhood of residence, environmental attitude and gender.

Guelph, Ontario, Water conservation, Residents, Outside Water Use Program, Assessment