O. A. C. Review Volume XXIII Issue 4, January 1911

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Ontario Agricultural College

This issue's articles address the value of agricultural education, how the Buckeye steam ditcher may address problems of underdrainage in fields, that practical agricultural demonstration is worthwhile, and an alumnus' opinion on tariffs. Agricultural articles report on the International Livestock Exhibition in Chicago, the Ontario Provincial Winter Fair in Guelph, a twenty-five year retrospective of co-operative experiments in agriculture, and strawberry breeding. The poultry column pertains to the advantages of free-range poultry on a fruit farm, the activities of the O. A. C. Poultry Club, and the Ontario Poultry Show at the Provincial Winter Fair. Campus news contains an editorial on the Canadian Government Annuities Act and an obituary for Margaret Harcourt. Student activities of the Promenade Bazaar, the Philharmonic Concert, Union Literary Society meeting, Y. M. C. A. and Y. W. C. A. are outlined in Campus Life. The Schools' and Teachers' Department column outlines the instruction in household science, manual training, and school gardening conducted in Kent County and Australia. The Macdonald Institute column contains articles on Robert Browning's poetry, the December promenade, and the Macdonald Literary Society. Alumni news is available in the Alumni column.

OAC Review, College news, editorial, agriculture