The Influence of Information Disorder on Climate Change Adaptation Practices of Farmers in Lagos State, Nigeria

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University of Guelph

Agriculture is essential for food and livelihood yet vulnerable to climate change. Accurate information helps farmers adapt to climate change and ensure food security. However, information disorder, caused by improper dissemination, or prevailing beliefs, impedes this. This study used online survey and interviews to explore how information disorder influences climate change adaptation among Iju Farmers Association members in Lagos State, Nigeria. Descriptive analysis, Multinomial Logistic Regression and Binary Logit Model in SPSS were used to analyze the survey, while thematic coding in Nvivo was used for the interviews. Results showed that farmers get information from government extension agents, other farmers, radio, and social media. Farmers can get misinformation from peers, which is circulated without an intention to deceive. This can lead to the non-adoption or postponement of climate change adaptation practices, highlighting the need for reliable sources of information and the awareness of information disorder in climate change adaptation.

Climate change, Adaptation, Agriculture, Information Disorder, Misinformation, Disinformation, Mal-information