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Donna Lero has influenced policy to improve childcare programs, promote work-life balance, and support employees providing family elder care in Canada. Denise Whitehead has created informed inventories on how Canadian policies, laws and institutions impact father/child relations and supports for separated/divorced fathers.

Donna Lero is a Professor in Family Relations and Applied Nutrition. She is the co-founder of the Centre for Families, Work and Well-Being (CFWW). She has been the Jarislowsky Chair in Families and Work since 2003. This honour has afforded her the opportunity to devote herself to leading the CFWW’s program of research in public policies, workplace practices and community supports. She was recently selected as one of the two Canadian experts to participate in the North American regional meeting of experts to discuss family policies to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the United Nations International Year of the Family. She has headed numerous research projects that have contributed to policy development in Canada. For example, policy development to: allow Canadian self-employed women to opt into Employment Insurance special benefit for maternity, parental and compassionate care; support high quality, inclusive child care programs locally, provincially and nationally; and promote workplace flexibility and workplace cultures that support work-life balance;. For more information about Donna Lero’s research, please go to her website at Denise Whitehead is a post-doctoral researcher at the Centre for Families, Work and Well-Being. She has worked on several projects. For the Father Involvement Research Alliance project, she assisted in conducting the first comprehensive document in Canada to detail how policies, laws and institutional practices impact fathers and fathering: Inventory of Policies and Policy Areas Influencing Father Involvement. A couple of years after this inventory she conducted an inventory of supports and services for separated and divorced fathers. As part of this research, she collaborated to generate a model for thinking about what separated/divorced fathers need. This research brought about an invitation to contribute a chapter to the book entitled Father Involvement in Canada, edited by Kerry Daly and Jessica Ball. For more information about Denise Whitehead’s research, please contact the Centre for Families, Work and Well-Being through their website at
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